🌸Pink for a cause #2

I had the most fun adventure with this side project.  Every piece is a process; hunting, gathering, tanning, dyeing with alder, cutting the materials, measuring by sight and fingures, and sewing.  

Caribou & Swan

I started off with trimming the caribou hair with my husband’s hair clippers and with my well used scissors.  

Dyed seal skin

Materials; swan feet leather, caribou hair and trimmed caribou hide, land otter hide, wolf hide, my own experiment dyed seal skin and some collected beads. I didn’t add any pink yet – I thought I would but I want to keep the Yupik traditional colors with this art piece.  

Otter & Wolf

These three pieces are meant to be together as one piece.

Collected Beads

I still have to add squirrels and possibly two strips of trimmed caribou hide and a stick of alder hung by caribou sinew.  I will post the final decorative art piece by tomorrow evening or Friday.  ❤️

Piurci 🌸

Author: Nasek'taq

Merna Wharton “Nasek’taq” is Yup'ik from Akiacuaq (Akiachak) lives in Anchorage Alaska. Merna is an Alaska Native artist, poet, traditional and contemporary seamstress, carver, gatherer of greens and berries, and loves the outdoors of Alaska! Merna enjoys finding art in natural elements and shares her experiences through her website, nasektaq.com. Merna crafts to preserve her culture and art and shares her worldview from a remote village Yup’ik girl’s perspective with a glimpse of life in Alaska in her writing and poems. More information about her art can be found at https://www.rasmuson.org/49writers/artist-profile/merna-wharton/.

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