🌸Pink for a cause #2

I had the most fun adventure with this side project.  Every piece is a process; hunting, gathering, tanning, dyeing with alder, cutting the materials, measuring by sight and fingures, and sewing.  

Caribou & Swan

I started off with trimming the caribou hair with my husband’s hair clippers and with my well used scissors.  

Dyed seal skin

Materials; swan feet leather, caribou hair and trimmed caribou hide, land otter hide, wolf hide, my own experiment dyed seal skin and some collected beads. I didn’t add any pink yet – I thought I would but I want to keep the Yupik traditional colors with this art piece.  

Otter & Wolf

These three pieces are meant to be together as one piece.

Collected Beads

I still have to add squirrels and possibly two strips of trimmed caribou hide and a stick of alder hung by caribou sinew.  I will post the final decorative art piece by tomorrow evening or Friday.  ❤️

Piurci 🌸