Do you have any collections?

I have clean skinned moose legs and a few wandering caribou leg furs for boots for me someday when I have time! I want a party after I cook everything from my freezer (not that are burnt) – so I can get extra hands to soften my squirrels after I’ve cleaned them! Won’t that be fun?!? I have a collection of furs that are from Alaska but maybe not the calfskins and a few leathers! I love the colors of the sea otter face and head area when it’s faded from brownish fur and the feel of the fur is soft warm! I have a collection of furs! Some have no fur at all for bottom soles! Long hair to short hair calfskins! I have some yarns to help sew in between and that helps to waterproof! I have a collection of beads, walrus ivory, and wood! The collection of furs must come with strength of mending with strings! I have a collection of carving knives and a few hand saws and a few pieces of wood to carve someday! I have several scissors and few protected sharps that shouldn’t leave their spots! I have a few sewing machines and a few guitars to keep me in tune! I have several tables for my reachable items and to eat my kumlaneq (frozen white fish) and hot soups!! I have a few small bowls for uquq to eat with dried meat/fish and greens! I have a collection of uluat (plural for uluaq). I love eating several types of salmons! I have a small collection of socks that I wear for certain events! I have two collections of Toyota Tacomas I love driving manual! I love collecting naturally eatable plants in Alaska!

Tanning Arctic Ground Squirrels