Getting cold 🌬❄️

It’s getting cold! It’s -7 in Fairbanks Alaska. Time to put on fur hats, ruff up your coats, put on piluguq, fur house slippers and fur coats….burrrr!

Here are some items up for sale:

All beaver hat made by my mom

My mom made the full beaver hat

I made these two hats and house slipper

The items below are special orders;

Twin boys piluguq

Coat ruff

I think I’ll go back to sewing the qaliq.

If you need warmth – call me ❄️

Stretching & Cutting

I have been hiding in the rain before the snow!!  Actually, I have been busy doing two pair of kameksak, special orders for a Christmas pageant – they are for twin boys from Mountain Village.  I am also nearly done with ciuqalek kameksak – I just need to work on the hard bottoms that will be made with hairless seal.

Boys Kameksak

Since I finished the shield part of the parka – I haven’t touched it again.  I like to see from a fresh point of view after I had taken a break.  I did stretch out a wolverine and wolf before I cut up some pieces.

Cut up wolf hide
Untanned furs: beaver, muskrat and seal for hard bottom kameksak
Furs/leather/material for parka

I have another special order for a coat ruff for a special girl who is my girls friend – I’ll post it later when it’s done.
I have yet to post pictures of my adventure to the UAF Museum of the North!  I promise I’ll tell you the story!

I will say goodnight and good-morning to you with this furtastic picture of me

Wolverine glove idea!!! HI!