Stretching & Cutting

I have been hiding in the rain before the snow!!  Actually, I have been busy doing two pair of kameksak, special orders for a Christmas pageant – they are for twin boys from Mountain Village.  I am also nearly done with ciuqalek kameksak – I just need to work on the hard bottoms that will be made with hairless seal.

Boys Kameksak

Since I finished the shield part of the parka – I haven’t touched it again.  I like to see from a fresh point of view after I had taken a break.  I did stretch out a wolverine and wolf before I cut up some pieces.

Cut up wolf hide
Untanned furs: beaver, muskrat and seal for hard bottom kameksak
Furs/leather/material for parka

I have another special order for a coat ruff for a special girl who is my girls friend – I’ll post it later when it’s done.
I have yet to post pictures of my adventure to the UAF Museum of the North!  I promise I’ll tell you the story!

I will say goodnight and good-morning to you with this furtastic picture of me

Wolverine glove idea!!! HI!

Author: Nasek'taq

Merna Wharton “Nasek’taq” is Yup'ik from Akiacuaq (Akiachak) lives in Anchorage Alaska. Merna is an Alaska Native artist, poet, traditional and contemporary seamstress, carver, gatherer of greens and berries, and loves the outdoors of Alaska! Merna enjoys finding art in natural elements and shares her experiences through her website, Merna crafts to preserve her culture and art and shares her worldview from a remote village Yup’ik girl’s perspective with a glimpse of life in Alaska in her writing and poems. More information about her art can be found at

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