Keeping warm

I sit on the couch at the corner under the light basically sitting on my feet to keep warm. As I sit there, sewing away I forget about my legs until they get numb 🤪! As the parka gets its sides sewn together I can now be kept warm from the soft squirrel parka. So here are tons of pictures you would enjoy🌸;

Side pattern that guided me

Once I got a side pattern – working on measurements got easier. The challenging part was the arm pit. Studying the parka and other parkas has really helped me to get an idea which direction to go. Lots of thinking, measuring and accidental poking from the needle.

Thanks to my husband Matthew and my girls for all your patience.

Cold and busy sewing

I have been busy sitting and sewing every evening and taking pictures along the way but neglected to posted updates on website.

Here are some pictures of the progress;

It’s been cold and it’s going to get colder 🌬❄️

Bottom front added;

I am sewing the squirrels on fur side. When I sew calf skin and squirrels furs together I sew from leather side. It looks sturdy and neat to sew the squirrels on fur side.

I am sewing the top arms together measure by measure.

At some point I will sketch the pattern together and post. I haven’t had time to write about the museum experience.

Happy new year!!!🎆