Wolverine skirt & Land Otter cuffs

Getting very close 😲! I finished sewing the wrist with otter calfskin otter in that order.

I had to crimp the squirrels to fit the width of the cuffs/wrists. It fits the length of my arms. If my daughters grows with longer arms than me, it can be adjusted.

Quarter inch for width of Wolverine for the skirt. I think I succeeded with dark and light color fur for the Wolverine skirt.

Skirt is squirrel calfskin otter and Wolverine.

I have broken nearly a dozen #10 glove needles;

Most ended up in the trash but these are small collections I kept.

The next step is the ruff. I have been debating zipper or no zipper for the neck area; initially I wanted as traditional as possible and then I thought of comfortable wear. 🤔

I am going to sew as much as I can this weekend with rocky road ice cream breaks 😆. Enjoy coast like snow storm and be safe ❄️. Piurci!

Land Otter trimming

I am finished with the main part of fur, sewing the squirrels! Moving onto to the otter and calfskin, sewing them onto the wrist and bottom trims.

Otter was cut 1 inch wide for the wrist and all around the bottom.

Also 1 inch for calfskin on the bottom trims. 2.5 inches for the wrist.

I sewed the calfskin to the bottom front and hopefully I’ll have time to do the back side this evening.

Here is a live flower from my husband and girls;

Quyana 🌸❤️

Inspiration is from you ðŸŒ¸

I have to say – friends and family inspire even when it’s sandpaper vs sandpaper or a soft tissue vs tough nose; I have learned to avoid being irritated by fur, that is sewing from fur side of the skin. Squirrel parkas were sewn by fur side and it makes sense now that I have experienced it and I love it!!!! Changing for the better does help improve the quality of life = quality of wear.

Your support by just checking my site helps me to move forward and strive to finish – Quyana cakneq!

Start of the hood. Lots of measuring has caused set back but I will keep moving forward.

Cutting the bottom to match my parka was difficult but thankful I found a ruler that’s angled for shoulders, I was able to come close to the shape.

I am working on the hood and the front near the neck. I am sewing piece by piece after I measure my parka. I may need to revisit the museum to inspect the front neck area.

Even behind these beautiful pictures, there are real struggles – furs in different shapes and sizes, cracked fingers, and time management with work, family and parka project multiply that by personalities equals patience plus lots of praying and forgiveness of self and others. You all are furtastic!

Pray always ❤️🌸 God will answer❤️

Arms are stretched out

It’s been an amazing few weeks of sewing the arms. Every inch was measured so one side won’t be different from the other. I kept measuring my parka my mother made from the early 90s that she replicated from my great grandmother Panigur’luq’s parka. I believe my mother completed my parka in the winter of 1994. She worked on it at least three months on top of her college courses and working at the school. Here is a picture of my great grandmother, my dad’s grandma and two other grandmas – thanks to family members who posted this picture on Facebook;

Three Great grandma’s (3rd is Panigur’luq), my dad on the right and Uncle Kun top left.

Here are pictures of my parka project as I was working on the arms;

Stretching out beyond my dreams – parka I never imaged I’d be making 🌸❤️.