Arms are stretched out

It’s been an amazing few weeks of sewing the arms. Every inch was measured so one side won’t be different from the other. I kept measuring my parka my mother made from the early 90s that she replicated from my great grandmother Panigur’luq’s parka. I believe my mother completed my parka in the winter of 1994. She worked on it at least three months on top of her college courses and working at the school. Here is a picture of my great grandmother, my dad’s grandma and two other grandmas – thanks to family members who posted this picture on Facebook;

Three Great grandma’s (3rd is Panigur’luq), my dad on the right and Uncle Kun top left.

Here are pictures of my parka project as I was working on the arms;

Stretching out beyond my dreams – parka I never imaged I’d be making 🌸❤️.