So much to say!

There is so much to say! This is not an artistic expression rather I am saying a few things that seem superficial. Spring, this spring is so different in so many ways! Everything is different for everyone; the home environment, work schedules, the school schedules, perceptions of events, the unknown of tomorrow and subsistence and gathering in Alaska and beyond! Everyone is effected by this Covid 19! I hate it that it is disrupting every norm in everyone’s lives. Change is not good for some of us, to be quite honest. If it is not the norm…it will act like an attack on one’s being. None the less, trust in the Lord! My strength is not in myself…but my flesh tells me otherwise. Thinking is being human…human’s thinking can mislead at pressured moments. Some thinking become negative or positive behaviors to cope with changes and most may not agree with the outcome – but it’s not ok to be disrespectful! There are alot of excuses or explanations with many commas and lots of buts here and there…one thing you have to tell yourself, is believe…even if life changing events seem to be against you at all odds or even….be deligent…be aware…be caring, be loving, be understanding, be someone you want someone to be to you…lastly, love is better when it’s shared. This spring’s flowers are wonderful after winter’s unknown! After all, being human we are not perfect! Like spring flowers, there are time we flourish and it whimpers away due to circumstances and tomorrow is another day – expect more flowers to bloom. So much to say!