the unknown tomorrow

It’s been months since I’ve posted on this page. Burnt out is no joke, life changes will get to you! New environment and unfamiliar places put you on guard! Let’s live for tomorrow – mask up and GIVE EACH OTHER space! During these changing times, I’ve made things and wrote poems. You see, everyone doesn’t need to know everything but you support those you love wherever they are, sometimes with silence (prayer) and sometimes loud!

Winter and spring

Snow is still coming down in Alaska. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Isolation in time of pandemic

I started this blog title in March but delayed posting it until now. It’s been nearly a year since isolation became a daily life.

Snowman voted, shhhh! 🤣

I was listening to a song called, “Write a story!” by Francesca Battistelli. Her music has drawn out a poem titled “Isolation”

in the quiet place, inside, alone

away from people

isolation to be safe and others safe

in this time of a

world wide pandemic!

Be safe family and friends!

Write your story on my heart!