Arms are stretched out

It’s been an amazing few weeks of sewing the arms. Every inch was measured so one side won’t be different from the other. I kept measuring my parka my mother made from the early 90s that she replicated from my great grandmother Panigur’luq’s parka. I believe my mother completed my parka in the winter of 1994. She worked on it at least three months on top of her college courses and working at the school. Here is a picture of my great grandmother, my dad’s grandma and two other grandmas – thanks to family members who posted this picture on Facebook;

Three Great grandma’s (3rd is Panigur’luq), my dad on the right and Uncle Kun top left.

Here are pictures of my parka project as I was working on the arms;

Stretching out beyond my dreams – parka I never imaged I’d be making 🌸❤️.

Keeping warm

I sit on the couch at the corner under the light basically sitting on my feet to keep warm. As I sit there, sewing away I forget about my legs until they get numb 🤪! As the parka gets its sides sewn together I can now be kept warm from the soft squirrel parka. So here are tons of pictures you would enjoy🌸;

Side pattern that guided me

Once I got a side pattern – working on measurements got easier. The challenging part was the arm pit. Studying the parka and other parkas has really helped me to get an idea which direction to go. Lots of thinking, measuring and accidental poking from the needle.

Thanks to my husband Matthew and my girls for all your patience.

Cold and busy sewing

I have been busy sitting and sewing every evening and taking pictures along the way but neglected to posted updates on website.

Here are some pictures of the progress;

It’s been cold and it’s going to get colder 🌬❄️

Bottom front added;

I am sewing the squirrels on fur side. When I sew calf skin and squirrels furs together I sew from leather side. It looks sturdy and neat to sew the squirrels on fur side.

I am sewing the top arms together measure by measure.

At some point I will sketch the pattern together and post. I haven’t had time to write about the museum experience.

Happy new year!!!🎆

Sewing the Squirrels – mistakes and corrections – I am learning

I started cutting the squirrels without first measuring my parka. Big mistake! I cut all the squirrels and all I had left was to sew based on the exact measurements. My mom and her high school classmate Anna Jacobson encouraged me to continue and they said it’s ok – that I am in the learning process. 🌸

My first sewing of the squirrels I doubt myself but I believe because people believe in me. In the dime light limited by lack of electricity and modern antiquities – our ancestors figured out a way to survive the harsh Arctic conditions by making nature into themselves.

Under the electric light in the darkest time of the year on a different time – we are blessed because of the what was in the past – perseverance one thread at a time.



I will have to continue even after the mistake of cutting without measuring the parka. In the mean time I have started sewing the squirrels together piece by piece

I started by below the center shield; front from below the shield it is 23.5 inches long and the back measures 25 inches long. The width of the center squirrel is 5 inches. I had 4 inches in most of the squirrels so I had to add 1/2 inches on both sides to make 5″ width. The good thing about these mistakes is that you can add by sewing to make the measurements right.

From the center I will sew the squirrel parka out to the sides to merge the front and back. Shoulders and then arms out. Most of the parkas I have inspected I always go straight to the arm pit to see how it’s done. Measuring tape will be my contemporary tool and I will research the hand finger measurements when time permits. img_7528Thank you for being patient with me with my posting of the parka progress. There is more to come.

Merry Christmas; the reason for this season is to celebrate the birth of Jesus! ❤️🌸

Getting cold 🌬❄️

It’s getting cold! It’s -7 in Fairbanks Alaska. Time to put on fur hats, ruff up your coats, put on piluguq, fur house slippers and fur coats….burrrr!

Here are some items up for sale:

All beaver hat made by my mom

My mom made the full beaver hat

I made these two hats and house slipper

The items below are special orders;

Twin boys piluguq

Coat ruff

I think I’ll go back to sewing the qaliq.

If you need warmth – call me ❄️

Stretching & Cutting

I have been hiding in the rain before the snow!!  Actually, I have been busy doing two pair of kameksak, special orders for a Christmas pageant – they are for twin boys from Mountain Village.  I am also nearly done with ciuqalek kameksak – I just need to work on the hard bottoms that will be made with hairless seal.

Boys Kameksak

Since I finished the shield part of the parka – I haven’t touched it again.  I like to see from a fresh point of view after I had taken a break.  I did stretch out a wolverine and wolf before I cut up some pieces.

Cut up wolf hide
Untanned furs: beaver, muskrat and seal for hard bottom kameksak
Furs/leather/material for parka

I have another special order for a coat ruff for a special girl who is my girls friend – I’ll post it later when it’s done.
I have yet to post pictures of my adventure to the UAF Museum of the North!  I promise I’ll tell you the story!

I will say goodnight and good-morning to you with this furtastic picture of me

Wolverine glove idea!!! HI!

There are a times for laughter and times for tears🌸

My daughter picked two colors and in my heart I knew it would be turquoise and some kind of red. 

The traditional colors I have seen are usually red, blue, black and white.  Front shields are usually five lines of beads like above.  The straps are also usually five as well.  

I picked thirteen for lines of beads for the shoulder straps – at her age is when I decided to make my first daughter her parka.  I don’t remember what age I was when I received my parka but I believe it was completed in 1992 – 1994. 

I sit in the corner couch under the light and work.  My daughter says, “your artsy cute corner.”  

Above is the shield that is the center piece front and back.  I am semi satisfied – mostly due to a recent visit to the UAF Museum of the North which will be a later story due to significant discovery.  I am at awe with findings that I want to share with great detail!  

Above is full center piece in one.  I will leave pictures as they are – so you can see them by the entirety. 

Sad tears are falling

Before the snow came falling down my flowers were still blooming.  They are not lilac but it is close enough color to honor my dear sister/cousin Dawn Blythe Egoak.  We love you and will miss you.  🌸 Dawn’s family, relatives and her many friends are hurting – please pray for them.  She was full of love for her children and had memorable stories that’ll remain with us.  Love you Dawn.