Spring Sunlight and Squirrel Parka

Spring fever is in the air! During my lunch break I had composed a blog and I had accidentally deleted the whole thing, hahaha (not really funny then)!

Snow is slowly melting for every sunlight that shines across the horizon. I feel like the adult parka project adventure is nearly closing and a new toddler parka is on the horizon.

Here is a progress photos;

The lining is what makes the inside extra warm.

I had to undo the hood ruff because I had thought it needed to be the length of the hood;

The remedy was crimping top and sides equally. Thanks to my experienced Aunty Bernice, my mom’s sister who helped broaden my mind. It was actually a good thing I unwinded reluctantly. The lining and ruff pieced together the parka;

Measurements is highly required for this part. I prayed that I didn’t have to redo any of the materials required for the lining;

The neck was cut way too wide and so I added pieces. It unbelievably was just right. The hood had to be stabbed with pins so I won’t mess it up;

The sewing machine made this part fast but I was exhausted from lack of food and rest.

I enjoyed the hand sewing more than the machine sewing – I got used to it

I had to think measurements before cutting the front material;

crimping resolved my dissatisfaction with the hood;

Helen, my daughter picked the material for the lining few years ago to make a blanket but we never got to it. It’s turning out nicely with the parka.

I cut the lining a little longer before actually fitting it with parka. I imagined it would be little big as it will be on the inside hidden. To my surprise it was just right.

I am currently working on the front zipper.

I hope you enjoy the early spring! Reminder to myself and others, resting and eating right helps to enjoy spring. Piurci 🌸

Author: Nasek'taq

Yup'ik woman from Akiacuaq (Akiachak) Alaska, living in Fairbanks Alaska. Alaska Native Artist. I am a poet! I am a wife of an amazing man from South Lake Tahoe, CA and a mother of two children. I enjoy the outdoors in Alaska. I made a Yup'ik woman's traditional fancy parka, "Qaliq." I am in a process of working on a child size parka and other Yup'ik traditional clothing. I share wonderful things about Alaska, the arts and the outdoors.