Art Struggles

Art struggles are real!!! It is frustrating not being able get into the rhythm of my crafts! These feelings were several months ago. One thing that keeps coming up is the need to take care of myself first so I can be available for my family and friends. I’ve set my sewing machine and getting my projects lined up but my motivation keeps getting distracted by lack of time.

Front & back of parka – when parka was in pieces
Second material parka in process

I’ve checked out the Anchorage Museum and walked around to reel in motivation!

Fine sewing at the Anchorage Museum
Top heads of the Arctic Ground Squirrels that is part of the hood
Aspiaq!!!! Beautiful!!!!
Protein & Fiber food
Willow barks gather during moose hunting
Drive to Valdez in September 2022
Moose hunting
Adventures to find berries and mushroom
Salmon drying in city for jarred fish
blue berries in Kweek River behind Akiacuaq
Kuskokwim River returning from Salmon Berry camp

Since I haven’t been posting in my blog for a long time – sharing a glimpse of my summer and fall 2022! Piurci!

Author: Nasek'taq

Merna Wharton “Nasek’taq” is Yup'ik from Akiacuaq (Akiachak) lives in Anchorage Alaska. Merna is an Alaska Native artist, poet, traditional and contemporary seamstress, carver, gatherer of greens and berries, and loves the outdoors of Alaska! Merna enjoys finding art in natural elements and shares her experiences through her website, Merna crafts to preserve her culture and art and shares her worldview from a remote village Yup’ik girl’s perspective with a glimpse of life in Alaska in her writing and poems. More information about her art can be found at

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