Crayons Melting | Axon: Creative Explorations

Here I am travelling alone Here I am stepping up into passenger plane with mail in the back with letters jet fuel and odour, gagging for clean air My eyes filled with tears, I see with my glass eyes the wetland and lakes full of fish, uncut for dried fish to eat Come with me to a journey where city is made from crushed rocks prone to earth moving underneath My friend
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Trying to keep up


I checked out the Anchorage Museum again on January 5, 2019 before the shut down due to Covid. Seeing Yupik storyknifes brought memories of no worries about getting sick. I made a few metal storyknives myself as a middle school child from barges that brought supplies – it was like finding gold! Most times we ran out of butter knifes at home 🤣. My friends and I spent hours spitting our saliva to make smooth clay mud on the ground to tell our stories. My site is like a story knife on mud…real as can be.

I plan to make more trips to museums when the time permits.

I want to examine the artifacts with my eyes

I might bring a magnifying glass and take pictures.