Fur and cold weather

I like the feeling of the warmth around my head and neck in the cold weather. January February and March oh my!!! April has its own adventures with weather. It’s been an absent few months with very little, actually no posts. Here are some pictures.

First one is the size of a bearded seal for hard bottom piluguq – see my shoes? There could be at at least 7 boots more or less;

First pikuguq for the winter

Practice makes it better

comparison to a modern shoes to Yup’ik women’s piluguq;

January 3, first Friday at the Anchorage Museum was so much fun for me. Here are some admired photos with no words to express the beauty of each piece;

It’s very cold everywhere in Alaska – buy handmade fur clothing from local people. Here are items I’ve made to keep your head warm when walking or going somewhere cold;

My cousin Ikam made a hand knit hat with sea otter band, available for purchase;

Stay warm! Happy New Year “Angnimek Alrakukegtaarmek!”

Tuingunrituq, piurci!

October rain and unusual warm weather

Trying to get the creative rhythm hasn’t been easy this fall – but the ideas are collecting but no action. Maybe this short excerpt will boost the creative motivation to flow again. It should take a few hours after a day at my regular work to gather up my materials.

Items have been waiting; The seal skin for the hard bottom kameksak have been in the freezer. The bear hide is hanging out in the garage to be softened. The threads and needles are safe in my gifted craft box. The spruce roots have been exposed to the weather at my front door. The salmon berry seeds are in my freezer for possibly paint project. The duck feathers from a place near “piss me off lake” are waiting to be weaved with hemp to be entangled with the beads – so I can carry on with my art work and crafts in my Isran, weaved bag. I have materials waiting to be sewn. Oh my gosh! I don’t want to forget the dried fish skins I’ve kept in the fridge and collected for something (dogs have been treated well with some of them). Beads aging in their containers. Sea otter fur hanging out with the seal skin, calf skin and the caribou skin with some yarns. So many materials collecting dust.

Here is my grandma in the middle in her traditional Yupik parka with her friend and sister-in-law (I’ve met them long ago and they were wonderful women);

I need calls from interested persons to sew baby kameksaks (booties), in Fairbanks only. There will be a fee for the materials- at least $40. This event will be posted soon after I receive interested people. So far, I have two interested. Contact me if you’re interested. This fee will support my daughter to play basketball 🏀.

The title is the current condition of the weather – it is not normal weather pattern!