Who ate my work!

I have made a bow tie out of fish skin; a few miniature kameksak/piluguq; leather thimbles; collected moose sinew, cut up pieces fur, leathers and seal skins; and now kameksak. I found most of the list above missing or eaten left over pieces! Dog or dogs had a festive party out of my projects! I am lucky I still have the parkas in-tack! Fingers crossed. Not so lucky the dogs are still roaming in my house and can have festive parties if no humans are around. There is a Yupik story why they have a crimped mouth on the side of their mouths; so they can stop talking. LOL!!!

The dogs won’t tell on each other, they just look at each other – and seemed to hint it’s his fault; no it’s him. As a Yup’ik seamstress I outa un-crimp their mouths with my tools they’ve sniffed and force them to tell me,”Who ate my work!”

Reignite Kameksak

I have taken out the kameksak I started before the sewing of the squirrels into a parka!

These are called, “ciuqalek” which literally translated from Yupigtun. “the one with bangs!” Not the bang when you light a firework but the bangs you have on your forehead. Yupiit, please correct me if I am wrong.

This seal is the newest piece I have ever worked, just so different from older seals I have worked.

It still has that fresh smell of the sea or the process of natural chemicals to remove the hair off the seal. It came frozen and so I placed it my freezer to keep it from drying up too much.

I do have a story to tell you about the older boot on the right based on my mother’s story she told me. When Mr. Elia Sallafie of Bethel passed away my parents received his pair of kameksak. My mom kept them for many years. I am honored to replicate them. Out of curiosity I cut the bottom to peak inside – I didn’t want to but it was already cracked from use – don’t be startled I will replace the bottom with new seal.

They will look new once I perfect the crimping.

I have one side finished and I need to start the other side.

I just need to put in the upper top with woven yarn and sew the tassels on.

This is a side project that allows for me to practice crimping seals for better quality. Quyana to Sallafie family for sharing your dad’s kameksak to my parents. Please correct me if I misinformed the story – I am open for corrections.

Piurci. Thank you ‘Quyana!’

sewing withdrawal, artist block or season transition blues!?!?

I have the plan in my mind the way I should make the toddler parka – I just got to get back in the mood to sew my main project!!! I am currently sewing a child booty at this time;

This season is like the end of the line for my adult parka – I am nearly done with it (putting off few tassels and some bead work). See my line? Lol

when one thread ends a new thread begins;

Few clips of fur and left over material find their way to smaller projects. When I have a request for traditional gear that gives me motivation. I work better under pressure and when I give myself a deadline but who listens to their deadlines- haha!!!

I found that when I have a guest I don’t have the drive to do crafts. I love my sisters and one of them came to visit us. Quyana Myra and Emily my niece.🌸 They brought and used the kameksak and house slippers I made for them. I was happy surprised.

Today is no fool for me but a celebration for the Risen King of kings!! Thank you Jesus for the gift of life. 🌸❤️🌸

I normally get both side booties finished at one time but I have only one side – this is another motivation to finish what I have started. When circumstances happen it’s just another turn of direction – like a short cut or long cut to the finish line – keep going!

I was a day behind my original deadline in finishing the baby booties. Here it is the final product;

Spring Break poetry

A while ago I wrote a poem with no title but today it’ll have a title; Snared and Don’t be Snared!

How it began; I was learning to trap Arctic Ground Squirrels in the fall. I was enthusiastic in the beginning and exhausted at the end! I was contemplating on my experience with trapping and thinking of spring how I get excited for it and ready to enjoy the melting of the snow but then I forget to rest. As the snow slowly melts away my energy to enjoy the more sunlight get shot up. It takes time to say no to overwork but it’s hard for the body that is genetically inclined to start gathering for survival kicks in. At the end of these pictures you will find the poem.

Here are some latest pictures of the parka squirrel project;

The fur that began early and gathered at end for the completion-like a circle that connects to parka.

I have sewed in the beads matching the shield beads.

I have added the brown and tan leather that matches my parka by measurements and color. I added the beads;

Tassels are added with red yarn;

I also dyed the back side of the tassels with Thai tea 😳;

Looks like red Ocher;

Here is something that is not sewed in my parka that was suggested by various seamstresses I have talked with – thank you Aunty Bernice and my friend Val’s mom Teresa – quyana for sharing 🌸

This is the back side of the ruff that will help shine the ruff like the sun. I used a baby seal skin that was gifted to my mother from relatives in Togiak that have roots from Kwethluk. I shaved the fur to lessen the fluffiness.

March 16, 2018 – I think I will be finished with Qaliq parka ❤️🌸.

Snared and Don’t be Snared

In pursuit – setting up trap near fresh silty dug out whole

                In labor for safety and hid all my seeds and roots

                Cold arriving, climbing down deep whole away from darkness into darkness

Intrigued by my curiosity-hand snapped shut by rusty trap near turmoil

                Can’t get loose, Oh someone is coming!  I need to be still or make a move!         

                Stick is holding me down my neck and I panic!

Don’t put your fingers thru the trap – set it up from underneath! 

Piurci! Enjoy spring while it lasts before summer sunshine!

Spring Sunlight and Squirrel Parka

Spring fever is in the air! During my lunch break I had composed a blog and I had accidentally deleted the whole thing, hahaha (not really funny then)!

Snow is slowly melting for every sunlight that shines across the horizon. I feel like the adult parka project adventure is nearly closing and a new toddler parka is on the horizon.

Here is a progress photos;

The lining is what makes the inside extra warm.

I had to undo the hood ruff because I had thought it needed to be the length of the hood;

The remedy was crimping top and sides equally. Thanks to my experienced Aunty Bernice, my mom’s sister who helped broaden my mind. It was actually a good thing I unwinded reluctantly. The lining and ruff pieced together the parka;

Measurements is highly required for this part. I prayed that I didn’t have to redo any of the materials required for the lining;

The neck was cut way too wide and so I added pieces. It unbelievably was just right. The hood had to be stabbed with pins so I won’t mess it up;

The sewing machine made this part fast but I was exhausted from lack of food and rest.

I enjoyed the hand sewing more than the machine sewing – I got used to it

I had to think measurements before cutting the front material;

crimping resolved my dissatisfaction with the hood;

Helen, my daughter picked the material for the lining few years ago to make a blanket but we never got to it. It’s turning out nicely with the parka.

I cut the lining a little longer before actually fitting it with parka. I imagined it would be little big as it will be on the inside hidden. To my surprise it was just right.

I am currently working on the front zipper.

I hope you enjoy the early spring! Reminder to myself and others, resting and eating right helps to enjoy spring. Piurci 🌸

One day at Festival of Native Arts

I had a blast sharing my project at my table;

Thank you for all the folks who stopped by 🌸❤️! I met folks from all over Alaska and out of State like Texas. I sold my fur hat and several of Earrings by Lana 🌸❤️.

Here are last minute crafts composed in one hour;

Final product;

Made out of willow, caribou fur, wolverine fur, wolf fur and glass beads.

My daughter made earrings she designed. Thanks to friends and strangers who bought the some earrings from my Lana 🌸❤️.

I have to adjust the hood and add the tassels and aiming to be completed before the North American Dog races in Fairbanks Alaska. Here is nearly completed parka:

Have a safe weekend at the Festival of Native Arts and every where else🌸. Piurci!

Wolverine skirt & Land Otter cuffs

Getting very close 😲! I finished sewing the wrist with otter calfskin otter in that order.

I had to crimp the squirrels to fit the width of the cuffs/wrists. It fits the length of my arms. If my daughters grows with longer arms than me, it can be adjusted.

Quarter inch for width of Wolverine for the skirt. I think I succeeded with dark and light color fur for the Wolverine skirt.

Skirt is squirrel calfskin otter and Wolverine.

I have broken nearly a dozen #10 glove needles;

Most ended up in the trash but these are small collections I kept.

The next step is the ruff. I have been debating zipper or no zipper for the neck area; initially I wanted as traditional as possible and then I thought of comfortable wear. 🤔

I am going to sew as much as I can this weekend with rocky road ice cream breaks 😆. Enjoy coast like snow storm and be safe ❄️. Piurci!